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    Benefits of Private Limited Company

    Limited Liability Protection to Directors personal assets

    Limited liability protection ensures that directors' personal assets are safeguarded against company debts and legal claims, providing financial security and encouraging informed decision-making.

    Better image and credibility in market

    Enhancing market image and credibility involves consistently delivering high-quality products and transparent customer service to build trust and foster loyalty among consumers.

    Easy to raise fund, capital and loans

    Having a strong financial reputation and solid business plan makes it easier to raise funds, capital, and secure loans from investors and financial institutions.

    Favourite business structure for inventors

    A corporation is often the favorite business structure for inventors due to its limited liability protection and potential for attracting investment through stock issuance.

    Easy to attract employees and workers

    Companies offering competitive benefits, a positive work culture, and opportunities for growth find it easier to attract talented employees and workers.

    Quite easy to sell and deal with

    A well-established business with a strong brand and customer base is quite easy to sell and deal with, attracting potential buyers and partners efficiently.

    What to keep in mind while Registering a Private Limited Company?

    As defined by the Companies Act 2013, we must ensure
    that the checklist requirements are met.

    • Minimum Capital Contribution

      There is no minimum capital prescribed. However we recommend to start with at-least INR One lakh.

    • Two Directors

      A private limited company must have at least two directors, with a maximum of fifteen. A minimum of one of the company's directors must be a resident of India.

    • Registered Office

      The registered office of a company does not have to be commercial space. Even a rented home can be the registered office, so long as an NOC is obtained from the landlord.

    • Unique Name

      The name of your business must be unique. The suggested name should not match with any existing companies or trademarks in India.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have all the documents in order, it will take no longer than 15 days. However, this is dependent on the workload of the registrar.

    These documents contain the rules, vision and mission of your organisation, and define, among other things, the exact business and the roles and responsibilities of shareholders and directors.

    Yes, a salaried person can become the director in a private limited, LLP or OPC private limited company. One needs to check the employment agreement if that allows for such provisions. In a lot of cases, the employers are quite comfortable with the fact that their employee is a director in another company.

    The entire procedure is done online and one does not have to be present at our office or any other place for the incorporation. A scanned copy of the documents has to be sent via mail. They get the company incorporation certificate from the MCA via courier at the business address.

    There is no minimum capital required for starting a private limited company.

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