About ProJuris

Projuris Advisor LLP is a corporate legal firm offering a range of customised Secretarial and Legal Compliance services. We take the responsibility of compliance off your shoulders, freeing you to focus on your customers and your business.

We are based in Bangalore and have a vast network of associates in all major Indian cities. Our partners have delivered more than 500 assignments and provided trusted, transparent and secure services to over 150 clients worldwide.

With over a decade of combined experience and in-depth knowledge of the Indian regulatory environment, we specialise in developing comprehensive compliance solutions for companies.

Our Vision

To be the one-stop service provider of choice for companies seeking customised Secretarial and Legal Compliance solutions at an affordable price.

Our Mission

To deliver top quality services in accordance with the highest standards of corporate governance by engaging the brightest minds in law, management, accounting and technology, and by employing the latest technological innovations and a holistic view of the law.

Certified CSR Professional

Agilesh R

B.com, ACS, PGDBA (Finance) & Certified CSR Professional Certified CSR Professional

+91 99020 17979

Agilesh is a certified CSR professional and an Associate Member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), holding a valid Certificate of Practice.

He has handled Secretarial Compliance for listed companies, unlisted public companies and private limited companies under the Companies Act, listing regulations and agreements, and RBI and FEMA compliances. His expertise includes statutory compliance requirements for companies, LLPs, OPCs, company directors and KMPs.

Agilesh specialises in incorporation of companies, LLPs and OPCs, conducting board and shareholder meetings, secretarial audits, share capital reconciliation audits, and corporate due diligence. He has presented cases before the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) in matters including the revival of struck-off companies, insolvency and bankruptcy, among others.

Passionate about academics, Agilesh serves as visiting faculty at the ICSI Bangalore chapter, teaching Capital Market and Securities Law.

Shivani Agilesh


+91 99020 17979

Shivani is a lawyer and an Associate Member of ICSI.

As Audit & Compliance Manager with a reputed Bangalore firm, she has experience in Private Equity Investments, secretarial audits of listed companies, corporate due diligence, incorporation and closure of companies, FEMA regulatory compliance, drafting petitions and other legal documents, and providing corporate advisory services.

She presents cases before the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) in matters including the revival of struck-off companies, insolvency and bankruptcy, among others.


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